When to Take Your Vehicle for Wheel Alignment?
Wheel alignment is one of the vehicle maintenance tasks to make sure that your wheels are in alignment. There are many issues that can come from not having your wheels properly aligned such as reduced fuel efficiency and reduced tyre life.

When you take your vehicle to wheel alignment services, they will check the specifications provided by the manufacturer and adjust the angle of the vehicle wheels. The angles that will be adjusted here are caster, camber and toe. Proper wheel alignment will ensure that your tyres make ideal contact with the road so that your tyres can wear out evenly. You will also notice that vehicle handling is more stable after the wheels have been aligned.

When there is uneven tyre wear, this is a sure sign that your wheels are not aligned properly. You have to inspect the tyre tread from time to time to see if this is happening. You may notice that the tread on one side of the tyres is more worn out compared to the other side. When your tyres have uneven wear, you will not be able to use it for the expected lifespan of the tyres.

When you are driving in a straight line

Sometimes you may feel as if the vehicle is pulling continuously to one side when your hands are slack on the steering wheel. This pulling can be due to uneven wear on tyres and if you drive for an extended time like this, it can affect vehicle handling and fuel efficiency. The steering wheel should be centred when you are driving the vehicle straight. This happens only when your vehicle is aligned properly.

But if it’s not aligned, the steering wheel will be off-centre. There will be a slight turn of the wheel to the left or right. And if you are driving at a high speed and notice a vibration in the steering wheel, this can be because of alignment issues. You have to pay attention to the noises coming from the vehicle when you are driving. And if you always hear squealing noises when turning the vehicle, this can be because the misaligned wheels are causing increased tyre scrubbing.

The handling and the stability of the vehicle can be compromised when your wheels are misaligned

So when you are driving on the road, you will feel a difference in the driving experience. The vehicle will feel less stable on the road and it will not respond properly. These things will be more noticeable when you are driving on uneven terrain or taking a corner. There are certain things that can disrupt the alignment of your wheel.

For example, this can happen if you hit a pothole or curb. If you put in new tyres, it is always recommended to have a wheel alignment done as this will extend their lifespan. This is because the alignment will contribute to even wear of the tyres. Wheel alignment will be done as part of the routine maintenance schedule of your vehicle. Check the vehicle manual to see how far you can go till your wheels have to be aligned.