Types of Car Jacks on The Market

Car jacks are required if you're doing maintenance work at home with your own workshop. They're helpful if you have a flat tire while you're driving. More than certainly, your vehicle has a jack hidden away in the emergency situations. But not all car jacks are similar. Some are built to support more weight, while others are made for mobility.

What is a Car Jack?

Car Jacks are equipment made to raise a vehicle from the ground. There are a range of different car jacks currently offered. Some of the jacks are hydraulic, while others are mechanical. Many mechanical jacks use a lever or a screw that needs to be cranked to work. Hydraulic jacks use a pressure-filled hydraulic cylinder to produce enough strength to lift large objects.

Although the car jacks are going to lift the vehicle, they're not designed to keep it in place. You're going to need a pair of jack hangs for that.

What are Jack Stands?

Jack stands are structures designed to withstand the weight of your vehicle when it is elevated. While the car jacks do a real work, you'll always need to keep the car on the jack stand if you need to get under the car. You're never meant to slither underneath a car that's just kept up with a jack.

Some of the car lift sets can contain both a stand and a jack, but you can also purchase them individually. Jack stands differ on the basis of maximum height and weight capacity. Typically, the height varies from 13-25", where the weight capacity can be anywhere from 2-25 tons.

Different Kinds of Jacks

Scissor Jacks

These are inexpensive and compact choice, which is why car makers often add them with new vehicles. Scissor jacks use a hand lever to raise a short distance of 15-30" from the car.

You need to place the scissor jack below the jack point and rotate the crank clockwise to lift the car. Turn the opposite way to bring down the vehicle.

Trolley or Floor Jacks

The trolley jack or floor jack is a hydraulic machine that uses lateral cylinders and a lengthy lever. In comparison to scissor jacks, floor jacks are a safer and easier choice. They're common with technicians and those who operate on cars in their garage at home. Floor jacks will normally lift vehicles between 2 to 4 tons.

Bottle Jacks

Bottle jacks are identical to the floor jacks that hydraulic. You're just pumping the handles to lift the car. They carry, more load however, and have a higher lift than the trolley-jack. Bottle jacks can raise anywhere from 3 to 50 tons varying on the model. They're even more common than floor jacks because of their cost effectiveness.

Exhaust Air Jacks

Exhaust air jacks are a special type of jack that blasts the air out of your exhaust. These jacks arrive with an inflatable bag and a long hose attached to the exhaust system. You can put the bag under the chassis anywhere without thinking about the jack posts. When the bag has been inflated, one side of the car will be raised off the surface. The air is kept within a one-way valve that you also use to flatten the bag.

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