Tips to Take Good Care of Your Car Paint

Every vehicle owner wants to preserve the factory paintjob on their automobile to keep its lustrous look for longer and maintain the resale value high. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to realize this because of the many tests a vehicle’s exterior must face when outside. In this article, we have listed down simple, yet extremely effective tips you can follow to keep that sheen of your vehicle’s paint well preserved for a long time.

Know what can hurt the paint

There are many natural elements that can cause serious damage to your car’s coat and among these, bird droppings are as dangerous as they are annoying. When these droppings are left unattended for a prolonged period of time, irreversible damage is caused to the surface, which will cost you more than a couple hundred bucks to fix.

Substances such as sap and milk which may fall from trees can also slowly deteriorate the paintjob. Ultraviolet or UV rays from the sun is also an ever-present danger, and these rays can bleach and fade the coat over time. You can shield your ride against all this by applying a protective ceramic coating, which keeps the paint safe from exposure to harmful elements. You can also invest in a cover for the vehicle, so that you can be a 100% sure.

Washing in important

No matter how careful you are, dust, grime and many other substances are sure to come in contact with your vehicle’s exterior and the best way to mitigate the damage that is caused is by washing them off before it becomes a serious problem.

You can do this by yourself and you don’t need a lot of tools for the job. A pressure washer is a pretty useful tool to have for this, and it is important to adjust the pressure to an optimum level that is not too much, so that the paint will not get damaged because of too much pressure. Any clothes you use to wash, wipe or dry the surface should be very clean and free from sand or dust.


Although most vehicle owners overlook the importance of polishing due to the lack of understanding, we advise you to not make than mistake, and give your ride a good polish once every two weeks or so to give it some extra sheen and protection. Micro-fine abrasives contained in car polish will carefully clean the surface without causing any damage while also protecting it from whatever challenges the weather outside will throw at you.

Professional care

Scratches are not always easy to repair, especially if it is still visible after a good polishing. There are many short-term fixes for scratches, but unless some professional assistance is sought fast, the quick-fix will not hold for long. You will also have to select a paint of the exact colour of your vehicle, for which you can get the help of the dealership as well.

There you have it, our easy, four step-guide to owning a ride with brilliant sheen for a long time.

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