Symptoms that your vehicle’s wheel system is malfunctioning

A healthy vehicle can be identified in several ways in terms of the appearance. But there are issues so subtle that its effective should be inspected with intention and awareness. Issues related to tyres belong to that category. For your luck, there are ways how you can discover such issues on your own. All you need to do is knowing what to look out for. Is the wheel system of your vehicle malfunctioning? Check for these signs.

The feeling of dragging to a side with a straight steering wheel

The wheel system of a vehicle consists of components such as the suspension, tyres, and such. When one of them start to malfunction, there’s always going to be a massive adverse effect on each and every other healthy component.

The steering wheel is designed to change the course of a vehicle and stay stable unless the driver decides otherwise. If there’s the dragging, it hints the suspension issues. The worst characteristic of this issue is that the longer it is there, the more damaged would be the suspension and the tyres.

Uneven wearing off the tyres

Whether it was 4, 6, or even 8 tyres that are in your vehicle, they all are supposed to touch the driving surface evenly if the vehicle is healthy. Based on that theory, you can always check if your wheel system is doing alright by checking the tread depth difference.

Most of the people would limit this checking to one tyre. There can be occasions when the wearing of the treads of one tyre is even, but the rapidity of the wearing is higher because the other tyres casino are wearing off unevenly. Thus, be sure to check your treads now and then so you might be able to fix the issues with no tyre replacements.

Excessive vibrations of the steering wheel

If you could recall how a steering wheel of a smoothly running vehicle is, you’d remember that there is absolutely no vibration there. When it comes to the problems related to the wheel system, even the slightest vibration of the steering wheel could indicate severe issues. This is again due to the interconnection of the steering wheel to the wheel system. If you’re unsure whether it’s the entire car that’s vibrating that you feel as if it came from the steering wheel, double check it by driving on a smoother road. If the wheel system is defective, there should be vibration.

Significantly lowered fuel economy

The fuel economy of heavy-duty vehicles that drag a lot of weight is extremely low when compared to cruisers. This is due to the fact that the weight exerted on the road by the heavy-duty vehicles is much higher. If there is some sort of misbalancing of the tyre system, the tyres can’t perform in the expected way. This requires more energy to drive the vehicle. Thus, if there seems to be a sudden drop of the fuel economy, you might want to get your tyres and the wheel system checked.

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