Signs that confirm the utmost reliability of JDM importing companies

A majority of Australian vehicle owners are well aware of the supremacy of Japanese vehicles. This is the reason why Toyota is the most popular make in Australia. In such a context, being tempted to buy a JDM vehicle from a local seller is normal.

But you shouldn’t pay extra when you can import for a much lower cost. For that, the rule of thumb is to import via a company. In doing so, here are some of the telltale signs of a reliable JDM importing company you should look out for.

There is a team in japan

Since the best JDM vehicles are sold in auctions, it is a borderline impossible task to do the dealing from Australia. If you think you could do it online, that’s just not how it works. What should be done is to have company representatives physically present at the auctions and do the bidding for you while updating both the company and the buyer.

This is the sort of transparency and efficiency seen in reliable JDM importers, and as a matter of fact, you shouldn’t settle for less; not when you can get it from ICJ as one of the most reputed importers in the market.

The company allows customers to check the availability of vehicles online

Here’s the thing about importing that you should know; there’s hardly a fixed cost, and it all depends on the bidding an auction. But even if there was a fluctuation, a reliable company understands that going through all the hassle to inform the buyer that they couldn’t bag the deal is frustrating.

Because of this, the business will surely have a website where you can explore an entire world of JDM cars based on make and model. Not only that, but you’ll be also able to request a quotation that saves time for both the company and yours.

The company did not start recently

There are professions that almost always stick to technical knowledge. Buying vehicles off of JDM auctions require both technical knowledge and experience. But with experience, the knowledge increases due to the nature of the industry.

Thus, if your considered company is not at least 1 year old in the industry, you should think twice about putting all your eggs in that basket. Because it only takes a few minutes to lose a bid if you don’t know the game.

Prioritizes buying from auctions

The biggest ambiguity that most buyers get caught in is when the importer doesn’t specify where they would get the vehicle from. It’s a fact that auction vehicles are extremely cheaper compared to the typical secondhand market. But it takes skills and efforts to bag a deal. Hence, if your importer doesn’t prioritize auction cars, you’ll be paying extra when you really shouldn’t.

Final takeaways

Getting a JDM vehicle is the right choice in buying cars that has an amazing secondhand market value. After all, the Japanese automobile reliability has been contemporary for years. Thus, as long as you’re importing with the help of a reliable importer, it’s going to be worth every cent you spend.

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