Importance of Car Parking for Shopping Malls
When you visit a shopping mall, your main objective is shopping and this should take the most time. It can be frustrating to go around in circles looking for an available parking spot. Also, when you are a shopping centre, the parking lot will be the first impression your visitors will get of the building and this is instrumental in building a good impression.

When shopping centre parking management is poorly designed, customer satisfaction is low and they will tend to avoid the building purely for the hassle of having to find a parking spot inside. When a visitor to the mall reaches the parking lot, they should have a guarantee that they will find a parking space in minutes. To accommodate this, many malls have taken to providing parking apps where the customers can book a parking space before they enter the parking lot; this will create a stress-free parking experience for everyone who comes in.

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When a customer comes into the mall in a bad mood because they had to spend a large portion of time looking for a parking spot or had a hard time figuring out the movement pattern in a poorly designed space, they will be less likely to spend much inside; all they want to do is leave the building as quickly as possible. There are parking guidance systems that can be used in this instance to improve efficiency of parking services and productivity. This will leave more time for shopping and the customer will be in a good head space to shop as well.

A good parking management system should be able to let the visitors identify available parking spots quickly without having to ask a guard; all of this has to be automated with real-time reporting. By taking less time to park, the customers will save more fuel and the vehicle will wear out less. This stage of shopping is a very stressful time for the visitors and it can even lead to conflicts with other customers and accidents. And reduced driving time contributes to your sustainability efforts as well because there will be reduced CO emissions.

A smart automated system will be able to improve the comfort of the customers in the parking lot; this gives them the impression that they are valued by the facility and their comfort is given priority. These smart solutions can make changes to ventilation and temperature so that the environment is comfortable to be in. There can also be smart lighting that can change brightness according to natural light coming in.

Good lighting levels will ensure that the driver is able to navigate easily with good visibility; this doesn’t mean you need to have very bright lighting. The lighting level should be comfortable for the eyes without being a strain. All of these efforts will contribute to a better image of the shopping mall and the quality of service provided can be improved considerably. This will slowly build customer loyalty.