How to Recognize Different Wheel Nut Types?
Wheel nuts are basically wheel fasteners and their ends are shaped differently according to their seat. You will find them commonly made with chrome plated steel. However, you can find lighter materials used in vehicles used for racing to reduce drag as much as possible. So in this case anodized aluminum or titanium wheel nuts are used.

The size and models of the wheels depending on the make and model of the car. And you need to ensure you are using the right type of wheel nuts or lug nuts to fasten the wheels. The most common wheel nut you will see is the conical wheel nut and they are used in a variety of vehicles. They can be easily recognized because of their shape. They resemble an acorn.

They are of a simple design. Many wheel nuts that you see are designed for aftermarket wheels. So if you are looking for wheel nuts for a factory wheel, you have to be extremely careful about the size of the wheel nut to ensure that it fastens tightly. One thing you can check after you have installed wheel nuts is to see if they protrude about 40mm or more beyond the wheel. If you notice this, they are not a good fit for your wheel.

Spherical wheel nuts are known by different terms and therefore can be a little confusing when you are looking to buy them. You will also hear them referred to as ball seat lug nuts. The seat of this wheel nut is spherical and the head is quite similar to a conical lug nut. This is used in a variety of vehicles as they are simple to use. They are a very common type that is used. But you need to make sure that you understand the difference between conical and spherical wheel nuts. There are extended thread wheel nuts that give a better grasp. It is easier to work with them. The thread will stick out more than your typical wheel nut and this allows you to grip it easily with the installation tool. Many people prefer this as it is simpler to work with.

Small diameter spline drive wheel nuts come with a conical seat. They have spline grooves and these wheel nuts need a specific key for them to be removed. You need to make sure that you have the right tools for the job when removing these wheel nuts. A smaller hex wrench will be ideal for the job depending on the size of the wheel nuts. Tuner-style wheel nuts need a specific key to open them. You have to use the key before removing the wheel nut.

The installation tool will generally be included with these wheel nuts. If you don’t receive the key with the wheel nuts, you will need to purchase it separately. Mag seat wheel nuts can be spotted immediately as they have a flat washer seat and a long thread. The flat seat allows the wheel nut to lay flat against a surface. There will be a washer that comes with most of these mag seat wheel nuts. The name comes from a time when the wheel nut used to be made from magnesium.