How to Go from Lowest Gear to Top Gear the Right Way

A lot of petrol heads and car lovers will know and love the BBC show Top Gear or the Amazon rival called Grand Tour. These shows almost all the time feature some of the best cars that out there that money can buy and showcase what it is like to really let go and drive around like an adrenaline-filled kid on their birthday. However, these shows also feature pieces where old second-hand cars are taken and driven around on great adventures.

A common feature in these adventures is that the hosts, try out the car as they are for a little bit and then modify them for better performance or a better experience. This is where the fantasy becomes a reality as this is something that most people can afford. So, when it comes to modifications to the car, it is important to make sure that you do it right so that, as hilariously shown quite often, the modifications do not ruin the car but actually make it better.

Improving the Car’s Performance

One common area where people do modifications to cars is to improve their performance. In this case it can cover everything from the engine to the brakes to the gears and the tires. All these modifications come together in order to make the car work much better and as a top of the line high performance car that you can love.

In order to get your hands on the items needed for these modifications, you can easily go to any garage or website like aeroflow performance and get the parts you need. The advantage of something like this is that when it comes to getting the parts you need, most of these vendors will deliver these parts right to your doorsteps.

Improving the Comfort in the Car

The next thing that can be done as a modification to the car is to make the car’s interior more comfortable and cosey for you or anyone else in the car. This can be achieved with some great interior accessories like new seats, or seat covers that really support the driver and the passenger and also with modifications like steering wheels or steering wheel grips. Depending on how much you improve the performance of the car, you may also have to consider getting a better 4-point harness like those used by racing drivers.

Pimping Out the Car’s Décor

The final stage of a car’s modification lifestyle is with the modifications to the exterior appearance of the car. This means getting a nice pint work for the car and possibly some neon lights or stickers based on your preference. These can also sometimes include the changes like adding a rear spoiler, a front splitter and skirts around the edge of the car. Of course, you might want to think about this because a splitter and a skirt will lower the ground clearance of the car.

With these modifications, you can be happy that your car has some of the best modifications and that the car is now something unique to you and unique to the whole world since it is designed to your custom preference.

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