Buying 4WD: What You Need to Know First?
One can just see that power when it goes through soft sand and harsh terrains are enough to get someone enamored with a 4WD. Also known as 4x4, this type of vehicle is really powerful compared to its 2WD counterparts.

If you’re upgrading your ride or simply looking for a new one to invest in, a 4WD is a worth it choice. However, how do you know if it is really the type of 4WD that you need? Find the 4x4 that suits your needs best with these simple buyer’s guide.

Equipment Level

To some people, embellishments matter a lot when choosing the right vehicle. 4WDs come in different levels of equipment. You can choose whether to go for top-shelf models or just the regular ones depending on our preferences.

These range from body add-ons, wheels, interior trim, and other factors that add to the aesthetics of the vehicle. Some people opt for regular equipment level yet customize their 4WD later on, based on their style preference. For instance, if you’re not comfortable with the regular leather seats, you can switch it by choosing custom canvas seat covers depending on the style and material that you like.


The size of your 4WD greatly depends on how you’re going to use it. Some people over vehicle themselves and choose ones that are too much for their needs. For instance, if you’re usually travelling alone or by 2s, a small or medium-sized vehicle is all you need. The extra space at the back would be enough to carry your things. However, if you’re expecting more passengers, go for larger vehicles instead to accommodate it all.

Automatic or Manual

Aside from the size, you’ll also need to decide whether to go for automatic or manual transmission. The automatic transmission is perfect for off-road drives because they are easy to control. Aside from that, the driver can also choose a two-pedal control on complex terrains.

However, automatic 4WD has a downside too. They are not that good when it comes to braking, overheats quicker, and you can’t also clutch start the vehicle when you need to. People who are already veterans when it comes to 4WDs usually choose manual transmission because of their simplicity when it comes to controlling.

Full or Part-Time 4WD

A full-time 4WD is a type of system that powers all 4 wheels at one time, giving it more power when it comes to driving. Full-time 4WD is also called permanent 4WD and can be used on almost all surfaces and terrain including pavement. On the other hand, a part-time 4WD is a system that allows the user to switch from a full 4WD to just like a rear-driven 2WD.

Part-time 4WD works well with good road conditions and you should only shift into the 4WD mode when the terrain is not that nice. Choose carefully between these two based on the usual terrain that you drive in.

When buying a vehicle, it is important to choose the one that you need rather than what you want.

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